Architectural designing firm in Thrissur, kerala

All of our contracting work happen through IDL HOME DEVELOPERS PVT LTD. It is our sister concern and is based in Cochin, Kerala. We have registered it as a separate firm to exclusively cater to our contracting requirements. Hence when you work with us, you are receiving the expertise and services of two independent specialist firms.

A lot of our projects are contract assignments. This can range from piece-meal contracts focusing on one function like interior design, to small and big renovation projects or even a full-fledged turnkey project.

Clients opt for our contracting services when they do not have the contacts or expertise to source quality materials at good prices. Moreover, if the flow of supplies is not smooth, the project can get delayed and incur additional costs. Hence they hand over the contract to us.

We are able to undertake these contracting assignments due to our goodwill and strong relationships with suppliers and vendors from whom we source materials and supplies. Due to our continued patronage, we are able to receive quality supplies at very competitive prices. When this happens, the project benefits and we are able to pass on these benefits to the client as well. We are also able to support our vendors and partners by providing them continuous business.

The following are some of the types of contracts that we undertake.


Civil contracts are quite common today. Sometimes the construction happens in phases and only the structure gets built. Thus there might be a project that involves only the civil structural work.

Civil structural work is when we undertake to build only the structure of the building or project. We do not construct the entire building or work on interiors. Just the civil structure of the project.

Another type of civil contract that we undertake is a turnkey project. Turnkey projects are those that involve the construction of the homes up till they are ready to occupy. This involves planning, design, construction as well as interiors.

Completion of Turnkey projects successfully involves strict adherence to the building schedule and the various teams working together in perfect harmony.

Customized Architectural 2D Design with 3D Visualisation.

Civil Engineering & Construction

Electrical Distributions & Applications.

Flooring, Wall dadoing and cladding Solutions.

Carpentry – Wooden Joinery & Hardware.

Plumbing Arrangements & Sanitary & CP Fittings.

False Ceiling, Light Weight, Waterproof and Fire Proof Solutions.

Painting applications & Colour Schemes.

Polishing & Texture applications.

Paving Tiles / Block, Sculpture and Landscaping Solutions.

Water Proofing Applications & Solutions.

All kind of Fabrication Solutions.

All Kind of Roofing Solutions.

House Automation Services.

House – Anti Termite Treatments and services.

House Energy Saving Solutions and Systems.


The reason we love working on contract projects is that they are challenging to us as professionals. For example, we do home interiors and office interiors and we design these interiors based on the client requirements.

When we work on an interior design project on a contract basis, sometimes the structure is already built. Then we have to design the interiors based on the constraints of the existing structure. We have to see how we can make the best use of the space and the layout. This might mean changing our thought process and our approach to work.

Whatever be the challenge, or how tough the constraints, our team of interior designers and architects are up for it. They bring years of experience, exposure and expertise in their respective fields are able to bring about excellent breakthroughs to deliver outstanding interior work even on a contract basis.

Customized Interior 2D Design with 3D Visualisation.

Modular Kitchen furnishing and Accessories.

Modern and Contemporary Hard & Soft Partitions, Panelling and Furniture Fixtures.

Paining, Polishing, Texture and Wall Paper Applications.

Modular Bed Room arrangements and Accessories.

Modular Designer Toilet and Bath Settings Arrangements.

Decorative False Ceiling and Reflective Systems.

Decorative Lights and Electrical applications.

Designer Floor, Wall and Cladding tile applications.

House Keeping applications and services.

Traditional Wooden Works and Carving Solutions.

Furniture – Modern and Traditional Design and Services.

Water Proof & Fire Proof Fixed Furniture and Accessories.

All tpyes of Glass Partitions and Fittings.

Curtains, Blinds and applications.

Modern Handrail Systems.


Renovation services are quite commonly undertaken as a contracting project. This could be because the renovation could be on a small scale. Or the client has a tight budget to work with.

Renovation projects are also quite challenging. Just like interior design contracts, in the case of renovation contracts, there is already an existing structure which means an already existing framework with which to work.

As contractors we are required to maintain the essence of the existing, capture the spirit of the space and perform the renovation in such a way that there is no conflict. It has to be a seamless, logical and organic change in design that should be implemented.

Irrespective of if the renovation is for the interior or exterior of the structure, large or small scale, our experts can deliver quality work in a very cost-effective manner. Over the years we have delivered some amazing renovation projects in Kerala.

Exterior Remodelling
Refurbishment and development of existing spacing plan
Home Extensions
Vasthu science-based reconstruction and development
Single story villa upgrades to upper floor planning and utility
Single story upper roof utility area expanding with lightweight
partitions and applications
Kitchen Remodelling
Toilet Remodelling
Bed room with attached toilet remodelling
Gust room remodelling
Family living room remodelling
Dining room remodelling

Other Contracts

We also undertake contracts for commercial interiors. These are usually shops, showrooms and offices. Designing and building commercial interiors are very different from that of residential properties.

For starters, the brand and aesthetic of the establishment plays a big part in choosing the design components. The colours, the tone, the vibe of the interior – all of these should align with what the company stands for.

The layout and flow of the interior should be functionally designed to facilitate the smooth and efficient conduct of the business. The interior plays a big role in even the success of the business in the long run. Is the interior inviting? Does it give a feeling of safety and security? All these factors can influence how much traffic flows into your establishment, how long the customers stay in your establishment and how much they spend.

And we are the perfect partners for a perfect commercial interior project. We have designed quite a few commercial interiors and our insight, understanding of the business and attention to detail has been widely appreciated.

Office Furnishing
Retail Showroom Furnishing
Hospitality Furnishing
Beauty Parlour & Spa Furnishing