Best Renovation services in Thrissur

“Renovating not only restores the house but restores the story of the home and the neighborhood”

Ideal Home Developers are also Best Home renovation in Kerala, providers offering budget-friendly home renovation services.

We create renovation designs based on the objective of the renovation process. It could be

  • To make the home more comfortable and efficient – Most homes are primarily built to fulfil the purpose of providing a safe shelter for the family. But as time passes, you can add or change the design to make it more comfortable and enjoyable for the family.
  • To upgrade or modernize the home in tune with the growing needs of the family – As the family grows, there could be problems of insufficient space or the need for additional bathrooms or a deck for outdoor activities.
  • Renovations necessitated by issues like wear and tear or other safety issues – Problems such as electrical issues, leakages or cracks on walls can also call for a renovation.
  • To renovate the home for sale purposes – these renovation projects are solely undertaken so that the home fetches the best price at the market. It could be a simple renovation where the maintenance is done and a fresh coat of paint is applied. Or it could be a more detailed renovation where new gadgets are added and spaces like the kitchen and bathrooms are upgraded.

The goal of our renovation designs is to retain/salvage as much of the existing structure as possible, reusing or repurposing the materials if possible, working well within the structural constraints and still delivering a happy experience for the client. Ideal home developers are best home renovation services in Thrissur, Kerala

Renovation design also requires careful planning as the budgets are usually small and the family will still be using the space during the renovation process. Hence even though these are smaller projects, they are usually the most challenging and hence we look forward to our renovation projects.

Classification of renovation

Exterior Remodeling

kitchen remodeling

Toilet remodeling

Bed room remodeling

Existing Space plan Development

Ground floor home extension

Vasthu based Floor plan Rearrangement

Upstair extension